10 Health Tips for the Players : Sleep, Exercise Advices for all Sports Players

Football games are so enthralling to watch, isn’t it? Little do we know the amount of hard work and sweat the players have put to get themselves on the game. This holds true for all kinds of sports, but I guess the soccer is the only game which requires the person to be highly fit and strong compared to other games.

Whether you play in the major leagues or your neighborhood’s annual softball game, every athlete can benefit from following these ten healthy tips. You will find sleeping, eating, and many other correlated things which will definitely help you in maintaining your health.

Eat Healthy & Be Healthy


Simple yet Effective Health Tips –
Eat Healthy & Be Healthy!

Exercise, and eating right. This is the basic tip that you may have heard or read for maintaining good health. But there are much more things that you need to note while you are preparing yourself for a sports tournament or any other national level competition.

  1. Get active! Experts agree that the essential key to a longer, healthier life is maintaining an active lifestyle.  Challenge yourself to be active every day.  Take the stairs, walk your dog, go to the gym, play with your children….get active!
  2. Eat, drink, and be fit. Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle requires sound nutrition habits.  Drink water every day. Avoid alcohol and tobacco products. Eat high-fiber, low-fat foods.  Enjoy the “good” stuff in moderation.
  3. Watch your back.  Back pain is a common problem among adults.  To avoid injury, practice correct lifting, and moving techniques.  Strengthening your abdominal muscles will provide support to your back, as will maintaining good posture.
  4. Stretch yourselfStretch yourself.  Before any activity or exercise, physicians and fitness professionals advocate warming up your muscles gradually to avoid strain, sprain, and injury.  Be mindful of which muscle groups you will be working and which need stretching.  After exercise, more stretching should occur as part of your overall fitness routine.  Stretching is key to the avoidance of many sports-related injuries.
  5. Shed the excess.  Losing those extra pounds can make a huge difference in your overall health.  Reducing your weight reduces the pressure on your joints.
  6. Look at the big picture.  Your overall health includes your emotional and mental well-being, as well as your physical body.  Find ways to alleviate stress in your life. Seek professional help in dealing with mental illness and substance abuse problems.
  7. Sleep it off.  Get plenty of rest.  Sleep disorders or problems have a significantly negative impact on your overall health and daily life.
  8. Aerobic exercise for happy heartHave a happy heart.  Aerobic exercise three days a week for 20 minutes each day will improve your heart health, your overall physical fitness, and increase your energy level.  Ride a bike, swim, jog, rollerblade, join a dance class – all these things can count toward your aerobic exercise goals.
  9. Build up your bones.  As we age, our bones lose strength and mass.  Women are especially susceptible to osteoporosis.  Incorporate strength training/weight-bearing exercises into your fitness program to help enhance bone strength and density.
  10. Talk to your doctor.  Before beginning any exercise program, discuss it with your doctor.  Once your fitness program is underway, report any injuries, pain, or discomfort.  Open communication with your personal physician about all aspects of your health and lifestyle is critical to your care and well-being.

These were some of my tried and test experiences that I have shared above. They have worked for me, and surely it will also work for you.

But kindly note one point- you have to eat right to get the benefits out of the exercises. If you are consuming a lot of calories, and asking for the reason for not getting the right result. Then you are definitely doing it all wrong, and you understand that.

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