Help Young Athletes Who’s Confidence Wavers in Competition

Help Young AthletesThere are different gaming levels based on Experience; beginner, professional and the third guy is the one who plays the game only on weekends. The third category of the player just plays the game for the sake of the fun. Coming to our point of discussion, confidence matters a lot! I have seen players who may not be much experienced in the game, still, their confidence is what pays off.

Young Athletes

You need to have some self-confidence, and that is not built overnight. Practice and continuous efforts – are the key elements which make you believe in yourself. What else can help in building confidence in young athletes?

Help Young Athletes Who’s Confidence Wavers in Competition

When we talk about life endeavors, there will be two types of judgement which affect our confidence. One is the external judgement by our parents, teachers, or anyone else. The internal one is something which comes within, and it is something that has build up based on the efforts and the external judgement too. Not all the judgements you get are beneficial for your game, so you should be smart enough to deal with them. Following are some key ways in which you can build up your self-confidence back.

Play freely, and don’t hold back yourself.

Play FreelyThis is important. You are playing a sport, so there is no point in holding back your skills. Put in all your efforts and energy during the practice, and make yourself confident with your game. Only with this belief, the player could perform freely and in his/her best way. Make sure that you don’t give up easily next time, and just play your heart out.

Keep a check on your attitude. Always keep it positive. 

What you say or act just reflects what goes into your mind. For example, if you act positive then that shows how you are as an individual. The positivity will definitely show on your games as well, and this will Help Young Athletes in getting back your self-confidence.

Work on the stress and deal it rightly.

Every person in this world has got stress in different forms. The only thing that makes things different is your reaction to the stress. If you have got stress, then get the reason and try to analyze the problem in detail.

Check if you can solve the issue by yourself, if not then take the help from your senior or coach. Make sure that you are not in any kind of stress during the match.

No comparisons whatsoever. 

This is so common these days. People judge themselves with other players or wish if they could play like some player. You should understand that no two players are alike, and all of us have got some special talent in us. There is no point in comparing your game with another player, but yes you could compare your game to your previous game. Self-analysis is healthy, and it will keep you on track.

There are no perfect players, so don’t waste your time being one.

Invest your time

Perfection takes a lot of time. We have got many players when we consider world sports, who are master and just perfect for their game. But if you are someone who just got started on the game, need not focus on being perfect. Instead try giving your best all the time, when you are on the field.

Try your level best to focus on the game rather than the results.

Winning or losing is not important, but what matters how you played the game and your contribution to the team. Focus on the game and less on the results. Your performance, team coordination etc are the points to note while you are on the field. If you focus on these things, then you will get more confident with your game.

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