The net revenue of the Golf in the United States comes to about $75000, with an approx. of 25 million players! According to the 2016 Public Policy Polling, around 19 percent of the people identified themselves as the golf fans, which is lower than the 23% reported the previous year.

Now, everyone on the Internet, sportswriters, gaming bars still have the confusion of whether Golf is a sport or just an ordinary game.

Is Golf a Sport

Can I Consider Golf as a Sport or Not?

And the answer is yes, Golf is indeed a sport.

If you simply go by the definition of sport as explained on Google, ‘an activity that involves physical exertion, played between two individuals or group of individuals just for entertainment.’ The game of Golf also fits well with this definition, isn’t it?

Secondly, Golf Is Back in the Olympics!

We all know how much honored the Olympics game is. Golf was added to the Olympics game list in the year 2016 after almost a decade’s absence. This game is more sporty than the chess or the curling, although all kinds of the game have their own set of challenges.

Still! Adding a game back to the Olympics is a big deal! Also, playing the game on a higher level makes it more challenging than any other sport.

Requires a Matchless Precision

If you make a foul shot, then you probably lose your chance or a crucial point. However, in the game of Golf, the player is required to stand and play the foul shots as well.

So, losing one point can cost you really high in the Golf, compared to any other sports. Golfers have to play inside a 300 yards ground, which is almost thrice of the ballparks. Do you get the level of precision required?

More Difficult on the Mental Game, Than Any Other Sport

I am not sure how many of the games require concentration and a calm mind. Even if you seem disturbed, you team-mate can get you on track. With the Golf game, you are all by yourself.

The best way to deal with the game is by staying in the moment, rather than focussing on the results.

I hope that article explained and catered all the doubts you had. Golf is a sport, which focusses a lot on the precision as no other ordinary game does.

When we recall all the ancient treatment methods, Steaming Therapy stands as one of the best-sorted ones. Steaming Therapy can be performed in two different styles; either by using the inhalation technique or by opting for the public steam bath technique.Benefits of Steam Therapy

Surprising Benefits of Steam Therapy

In the Inhalation type, a bowl of steaming water is taken and placed on a flat surface. Take a towel and place it over your head and take the steam using inhalation. For more benefit, you could add your choice of essential oil to it.

The second method is, you can turn your bathroom into a steam bath with the help of a humidifier.

Coming to the Pros of the Steaming and Inhalation, they are given as follows:

Treats HeadachesTreats Headaches. 

If you are facing an extreme headache, like the ones caused by the sinus problem then trying out the steam therapy will help you perfectly. With the steam inhalation, you can reduce the pressure building up in the sinus gland, which is preventing the formation of the mucus.

Reduce Muscle Pain and the Stiffness.

If you are having some muscle pain, especially the ones that you face after a tough workout, steam therapy can help in making things easy for you. This is why many of the professional trainers take a steam shower or go to a sauna just after the workout session.

Get the Toxins out. 

With time, a lot of impurities and toxins get built up inside the body. Once you are free from these toxins, you will feel all new! You can experience this with the help of steaming, and simply get all the toxins out off your body.

Ease Out Your BreathingEase out your breathing. 

Are you going through a cold, asthma, common cold, sinusitis, etc.?

Then you might be facing a trouble with breathing. Steaming can bring a lot of relief to you in this case, and that’s one of the regular uses of this therapy though.


In case you are going through some stress in your life, then a steamy bath or steam inhalation can bring a calm feeling to your body as well as the mind.

It’s the endorphin that is released from the body which makes it all feel good for you.

These are the Quick Proven Benefits of the Steam Therapy, and you are sure to get the best results out of it.