Heya people!

TEAMWe are a team of 3 who are into fitness and want to inspire all the people to get healthy and fit. People literally are forgetting the importance of exercise and with the changing lifestyle, it has become a serious issue lately.

Our team members are Marcus M. Regnier, Heather S. Dow & Susan G. Conner. It was the idea of Heather to start a health blog page, and she asked Susan, Heather’s closest friend to join her. Susan readily agreed! Marcus has been associated with fitness for a long time, and he also runs a gym club for the past 10 years now.

Marcus has associated with many sports players personally too, who have taken training at his gym. So we shall get some inside stories about the players and different sports like baseball, tennis, football, and others.

After Marcus came to know about Heather and Susan’s works and blogs, he was quite impressed with the duo’s job. Soon he insisted to collaborate with the team, as of course, he had some quality knowledge on fitness after working in the same field. That’s how Marcus Heather and Susan became a strong team, and now works together to offer some amazing health tips for you guys.

You will find different variety of contents like exercise tips and other healthy recipes which you can try out easily at home. We would also post some interesting facts about players or about a particular sport. Also, you are free to contribute to our website if you wish to.

Join our journey to make the world a fitter place and more healthy!

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